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    "Oliver" is a British writer Dickens in 1838 to write a novel, this book tells the life and suffered a tragic orphan named Olivier, Olivier grew up in an orphanage, by the Deacon for was sent to the coffin shop to apprentice, tortured in the coffin shop and decided to flee the coffin shop, it strayed into the den, experienced many bitter history, find their own life, the last being a good rich Mr. adoption, live a happy life.

    The hero of the novel, Oliver's birth, his mother died, and no one else knows who his father is, so Oliver was born into a homeless orphan. Although the orphanage took in Oliver, the orphanage was not good enough for the children inside. The children inside were often starving, and only when someone came to check it, did the orphanage do it. Compared with Olivier children now is simply too happy, they do not know the well-being of the world, everyone is the home of the bully, the hands of parents treasure, not getting what you want is crying. The child was crying parents coquetry age, Olivier has tasted the well-being of the world, to learn the independence.

    Oliver under the coffin shop proprietress's abuse, decided to flee the coffin shop in London alone, in London on the way he met a man, he put Oliver cheat into the thieves, and the leader of a gang of thieves to Oliver training for his work as a thief. But no matter how the thief Gang persuaded Oliver, he just refused to do so, and the thieves tried to force Oliver by hard means, but Oliver was hard and soft, and resisted such dirty behavior from the inside. This is also I admire Oliver's point, no matter what his environment, he is not affected by others, and always maintain a pure heart. Whether it's the dark, cold orphanage, or just abuse his coffin shop, etc., and later, the evil gang of thieves. He has never hated anyone, nor has he complained about society. The quality of the mud is not worth learning.

    This book's characters in addition to Olivier, a character I also very sympathetic is Nancy, she is a gang of thieves companions, but after reading the whole book only to find that she is really good for a gang of thieves Olivier people. When the gang tried to bully Oliver, she always stepped forward and stopped them. When the gang tried to frame Oliver and let him lose his father's great fortune, Nancy revealed the news to Oliver's aunt, and the plot of the bandit gang was not successful. But she has thus provoke fatal disaster. She is a kind person, but she does not deserve the happiness, so she feels sorry for her.

    After reading this book, I understand the temperature of the world and treasure everything that I have.

    the 鲁西西传读后感 400字的读后感 励志书籍读后感
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