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    Today is New Year, I wish my wish, very not easy to get this joyful holiday to come. New Year's day, is our country folk ceremonious, the most lively a traditional holiday. I like the New Year, because you can get a red envelope, gather the family livelily, how happy things. Although our house is my mother and I and my sister, but I'm still happy.

    Early in the morning, I was waken up by the "or" firecrackers, began my new plan. I happily to find mom, grinning ground to say: "mom, I wish you a happy New Year, more and more beautiful!" Mother to listen to and then said, "that also wish you academic progress, happy every day!" And then solemnly give red packets to me.

    In the afternoon, we went to bought a lot of gun, what the tortoise cannons, parachutes, fireworks anyway. By six o 'clock, we according to the convention on the balcony of the rope to hang a big bunch of firecrackers, exciting moment arrived, sister gently walked over, picked up in the hands of sweet braved Mars, carefully lit firecrackers, ran quickly. The gunshot deafening, we had to put his hand over his ears, look at the bright sparks, is very colorful. Then we went to dinner.

    The food is delicious, have dumplings, braise in soy sauce meat, green vegetables soup, etc., an appetite is big, I forgot drooling, picked up the chopsticks one breath a soup, with a full stomach I watch TV.

    New Year's party was really wonderful ah, have a nice compendium of materia medica, and eye-catching "ring into egg", and "not bad money" zhao4 ben3 shan, is really an eye-opener to me.

    The New Year is really makes me unforgettable, like the first the unforgettable tonight!


    I have a winter holiday for more than thirty days every year Between December and January. everybody did a lot of things in the Winter Holiday,So did I , Let you to listen to my life of Winter Holiday.

    Last year, I entered the university of traffic, in this winter vacation I was very relaxed, never to have too much homework any more.i can do something I like or to help my mother clean rooms. I sometimes went shopping with my friends . We had a good times! I also watched TV and read books. I will also be concerned about climate and news,Besides that,I often visited my grandparents. Because my parents are too busy to chat with them

    It's worth mentioning that Spring Festival is during the winter vacation . We had a big dinner on the New Year’s ,during the spring festival I was visited many relatives,I also to get gogether with My classmate.In this winter holiday,I went to Harbin with my mother. There is snow and ice everywhere , This is a beautiful city, We stayed here for 3 days, The most unforgettable thing is to See many beautiful ice sculptures,I will' always remember Harbin, for the snow, the ice sculptures and all the beautiful things.

    In short, I have a full and happy life during winter holiday .i reading ,meeting, junketing and do something that I like . I have a great time during the winter holiday!


    On New Year's Eve, our class had a party. The atmosphere was good. It was out of the ordinary from the very begining. The boy student from one bedroom gave an unusual performance. We saw a boy named Li Xinmin turn off all the lights in a sudden snap. Then with three resounding crow of a cock echoing in the hall, the hall was again brightly lit in a snap.

    Then, the representative of the bedroom Zhu Guozhang asked us to guess a line of a poem related to the above situation. He added that Li Xinmin alone was born in the year of the dog and the other three were all born in the year of the chicken. They left us all in confusion. And it was our monitor who was quickwitted. He shouted our, "The day breaks as the cock crows three times at dawn." The hall After that, they had another item. This time Li Xinmin was placed in the middle of the circle. While he was standing there, the other three stood around him, each bowing down to him at an angle of 120 degrees. It was an idiom. This time I got it right:"The dog stands out among a group of chickens."

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