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    (1)A sund ind is in a sund bd.

    (2)Taing part in sprts and gaes will eep us fit and health.

    (2)Prper sprts activities help us strengthen ur phsical bd and build ur sense f cpetitin and cperatin.

    (4)Research shws that getting plent f exercise aes heart beat faster and lung wr harder, thus strengthening the heart and reducing the chance f heart attac, and helping t lwer bld pressure.

    (5)Fr thse wh wr with their brains st f the da, the practice f sprt is especiall useful.

    (6)Once a habit is fred, it is difficult and seties ipssible t shae it ff.

    (7)It is easier t fall int bad habits than t get int gd nes.

    (8)Man successful en declare that the wn uch f their prsperit t the fratin f certain gd habits in earl life, such as punctualit, earl rising, hnest, and thrughness.

    (9)The eating habits f Chinese peple have changed draaticall in the past decade.

    (10)Peple begin t eat less grain, but re fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruit and vegetables are rich in carbhdrate(碳水化合物), vitains and inerals.

    (11)Peple nw pa uch attentin t nutritin, s the chse t eat eat and drin il.

    (12)Fish and chicen cntain re prtein and less fat.

    (12)The issue f re-eplent is f vital iprtance t the cuntr’s refr, develpent and stabilit.

    (14)Se statistics indicate that trained wrers are three ties as liel t be re-epled as thse wh haven’t participated in an training prgras.

    (15)A re-eplent-riented training netwr shuld be fred iediatel t cver as an laid-ff wrers as pssible t enhance their abilities t face challenges.

    (16)Its n shae t earn bread with ne’s wn hands n atter what ind f wr he des, but it’s a disgrace t idle alng with flded ars and wait until financial aid arrives.

    (17)China is underging a perid f transitin fr a scialist planned ecn t a scialist aret ecn.

    (18)The gvernent is suppsed t issue re beneficial plicies t help the la-ffs ut f difficult.

    (19)Everne desires and pursues happiness. But happiness eans different things t different peple.

    (20)I’ll be happ if I can realize value in future career and ae se cntributin t the develpent f ur cuntr. (26)Happiness als eans being n gd ter with clleagues and friends.

    (21)The nl nes wh will be reall happ are thse wh will have sught and fund hw t serve the peple.

    (22)Happiness lies first f all in health.

    (23)Happiness is alwas abunded fr hard wr.

    (24)Children shuld respect their parents and be aware that what their parents d is fr their gd.

    (25)As refratin ges deeper in China, civil servants n lnger have “irn rice bwls” as the used t have in an places.

    (26)Whatever we d, we shuld d in ur pwer.(尽力而为)

    (27)T ae a wise chice f ccupatins, tw iprtant things shuld be taen int cnsid-eratin. One is the interest, the ther, the deand f the peple and sciet.

    (28)It is definitel true that behind ever dail activit lies a tive. As a atter f fact, we can achieve nthing withut a realistic gal.

    (29)Everbd shuld have a gal in his life, because ailess life wastes ur energ and tie.

    (30)Whatever gal u ight have, the priaril iprtant thing u shuld have in life is health.

    (31)It is universall true that everne needs gd health. With ur sciet becing re cpetitive, it is iprtant t sta health.

    (32)Fr ne thing, peple with gd health can d wr with full energ and their excellence in wr in turn cntributes t their health and happiness. Fr anther, an unhealth persn is seld able t shw interest in everthing arund hi and therefre he lses an pprtunities t achieve success.

    (33)Generall speaing, thse wh have gd tives d their duties well. Fr exaple, parents wr hard fr earl rning till late at night because the want t supprt their failies. Students stud diligentl either t ran tp in their class r t be prepared fr their future success.

    (34)On the ther hand, peple d things evil because the have evil gals. Fr instance, the tive fr getting ne withut hard wr aes a picpcet steal a purse. T fulfill his evil desire, a rbber grab thers’ belngings, and a urderer can ill an inncent persn. These wiced tives are the ind that peple need t get rid f because the hurt thers.

    (35)It is ften easier t have ideals than t carr the ut.

    (36)Effrt and persistence are necessar fr the realizatin f ideals.

    (37)Once the gal is deterined, we ust create pprtunities t reach it. Wr hard and be patient after ur gal is set. Tr ur best t ae ur life happen in the wa u wish t see it. It is thse wh set the right gal and stic t it lng enugh will finall achieve it.

    (38)Living withut an ai is lie sailing withut a cpass. When ideals are gne u a still exist, but u have ceased t live.(虽生犹死)

    the in 圆明园毁灭读后感 读后感的写法 傅雷家书读后感 简爱读后感600字
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