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  • 效仿乐观的人高考英语满分作文


    In your spoken English class, your teacher shows you the following picture. You are asked to describe the picture and explain how you understand it.

    What an interesting picture! A western young man, sitting at a table, is ready to eat a bowl of noodles. He is holding two forks the same way as we Chinese hold chopsticks. He is trying so hard to pick up the noodles that he is sweating a lot. At first glance, I think it’s a bit funny, for we Chinese take for granted that chopsticks are the tools for eating noodles. The man in the picture is trying to copy us. Obviously he is doing it the hard way. Maybe using one fork will do a better job, In my opinion, we don’t need to copy others’ ways of thinking. Sometimes a simpler way of doing things may be a better way.

    in ing 作文读后感300字 乌塔的读后感 英语读后感怎么写
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